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This is a book about bupkes:  nothing, zero, zilch. The funny thing about bupkes, though, is that what looks like nothing can turn out to be something after all. Join Zoe and her friends as they explore the true meaning of this familiar Yiddish word.

"Thoughtful, tender, and charming. Definitely not bupkes." _ Kirkus

Available August 1, 2023

Coming Soon!


It's a BIG DEAL to run in the NYC marathon! Join the runners as they train, stretch, travel to  the starting line, and POUND POUND POUND through five boroughs, all the way to the finish line.  An exhilarating inside view of one of the world's most iconic races.

"As all of New York gets caught up in the excitement..readers are likely to break into a cheer." - Starred review, Publishers Weekly

Available August 2023

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