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The creation story, as told by Eve: meeting Adam, naming plants and animals, feeling  rain, fearing  night...and most of all, having faith that things will work out in the end. 

"Kimmelman employs soaring, highly descriptive language imbued with gentle humor, imagination, wonder, and awe, brought to vivid life by Augustinovich's lush artwork. Gloriously beautiful and tender."

Starred review, Kirkus



A new baby is coming, and everyone is excited--except for Ella. Why do they need a baby? She's already the baby! When Ella and her brother are enlisted to think up some names for their coming sibling, Ella suggests Squirt . . . or Lumpy. Can Ella learn to accept changes before the baby comes, and be the best big sister possible?


It's a BIG DEAL to run in the New York City Marathon!  

Join the runners as they train, stretch, travel to the starting line, and poundpoundpound through five boroughs, all the way to the finish line. An exhilarating inside view of one of the world's most iconic races.

"As all of New York gets caught up in the excitement...readers are likely to break into a cheer."

Starred review, Publishers Weekly




Happy Hanukkah!  Count down each night with this fun, interactive storybook set. Eight candle-shaped minibooks follow Lena and her family as they light the candles, enjoy traditional foods and games, and celebrate with family and friends. Then flip the candle over to "light" it!

" An imaginative and inclusive take on Hanukkah that ought to be lots of fun for readers."  Kirkus Reviews

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