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You're the Cheese in my Blintz

You're the Cheese in my Blintz



illustrated by 

Ramona Kaulitzki

published by

Kar-Ben Publishing

"This rhyming ode to a caregiver's love for a baby includes touches of Jewish traditions and symbols... In this board book, it's all about the baby, each page showing a caregiver and their little one sharing meals, dancing, and embracing. Kimmelman's easy verse manages to steer clear of forced rhymes and awkward phrasing, impressively rhyming such words as "knish," "hora," and "Shabbat." The book clearly conveys the warmth of love that ties caregiver to child: "You're the warm in my hug." ... A celebration of the love and joy that a baby brings to the world, just right for enjoying during a snuggle on a lap. Like a blintz, irresistible." -- Kirkus Reviews

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