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December 2021

Another challenging year, come and almost gone.

In spite of continued difficulties, there are many things I'm grateful for as 2021 winds down:

  • Three book fairs this fall, with the chance to meet lots of enthusiastic readers, IN PERSON! Even masks couldn't interfere with the joy of these events.

  • Classroom visits, which I am very slowly working back into. Again, mask or no mask, this is the cherry on top for children's book authors. It's hard to describe the happiness of having a young reader ask, "Which is your favorite of all the books you've written?" or even "Which is your favorite color?" ("Blue? Mine too!") or even "How old are you?"

  • I know some writers have felt a big creative surge during the last 20 months, with so much time at home, but my brain was too busy worrying to do anything else. Now that some of the worry has been taken away, I am thankful for the new ideas that have started to flow again. Especially after a long-awaited writer's retreat with friends and colleagues.

  • Lots of time for reading other people's work. I have never read so much, from picture books all the way up to adult fiction and nonfiction. What a pleasure!

Here's hoping for clearer skies in 2022!

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