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How Do I Love Sloths? Let Me Count the Ways.

I am slightly obsessed with sloths. And I suspect that I have lots of company. First of all, these creatures always seem to be smiling. Maybe because they take their sweet time doing anything. Whatever the reason is, they're pretty adorable. Second of all, they do everything upside down—sleeping, eating, mating, even giving birth. And one more fun, if gross, fact for you: They poop only once a week. When they finally get around to it, there’s so much poop that they lose about a third of their body weight. Ewww, but cool. After a trip to Costa Rica several years ago, where I got to see sloths in person, I was determined to give them a story.

I also met the Mexican fruit bat while on vacation in Costa Rica. These bats have a sense of smell that's so refined it can smell ripe fruit five miles away. I thought it would be great fun to pair these two nocturnal, upside-down hanging, rainforest-dwelling animals together in a story. It was, and the result is that there are now four Bat and Sloth early readers available. Hope the books will be as much fun for you to read as they were for me to write!

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