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Strange Times

We are living through strange and scary times. I keep waking up in the morning as if I'm living through "Groundhog Day," waiting to wake up and discover that life is moving forward into sunshine again.

In the middle of it all, three new books of mine came out this month. The first, Worse and Worse on Noah's Ark (Apples & Honey Press), seems a particularly good fit for what's going on in the world: a whole slew of animals are stuck together inside an ark, trying to get along, trying to learn how to support each other, and hoping desperately for the rain to stop. The other two books are the first two titles in an early reader series about a bat and a sloth, two very different creatures who share the same branch of a tree deep in a rainforest. The illustrations are wonderful and the books are fun and funny.

It's a very odd time to be promoting books--or more accurately, pitching them out into a bit of a void. No chance to go out and give them a proper send-off. But it's a very good time to be promoting reading. Speaking personally, I've never had so much time to delve into new books, and reread old favorites. It's also a great chance to support small businesses. Most local bookstores are still delivering. Give them a needed boost and order some books from your favorite shop.

And stay well, please.

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