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Distress? De-Stress!

I have two board books out this year--actually my first books ever to be published originally in board book editions. Both of them, I hope, are books that are particularly helpful in these tumultuous times. See what you think!

The first, which just came out in May, is called Here Come the Helpers. When there are emergencies, when things go wrong, follow Mister Rogers's advice and "look for the helpers." On each page, uh-oh, there's another emergency, and young kids can see everyone working together to make things right again--to put out the fire, to helicopter people to safety, to tow the car, and so on. It doesn't hurt that the helpers are adorable animals of all species. The illustrator, Barbara Bakos, is magnificent.

The second book, Belly Breathe, will be available on October 1. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been doing a lot of belly breathing this year. It totally works to get me down off the ledge. This book also has an array of charming animals (by illustrator Lindsey Dale-Scott), as well as people, who belly breathe, jelly breathe, furry breathe, and purry breathe their way to perfect calm and tranquility.

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