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Leslie Anne of Green Gables

I was completely besotted with Anne of Green Gables, growing up. There was one summer vacation, spent in Vermont, where I took out one book from the village library after another, tearing through every book in the series. Unlike the fictional Anne, I had always craved red hair (or, to give it Anne’s more romantic description, auburn). But nature had other ideas. So instead, as homage, I decided, like Anne, that “Anne with an e” is much more distinguished. I officially changed my middle name from Ann to Anne.

This summer I had the pleasure of finally visiting the Green Gables site on Prince Edward Island, in Canada. The whole island was absolutely lovely, but visiting Lucy Maude Montgomery’s birthplace, and the Green Gables house and other sites that inspired her stories was amazing. Even though I knew the stories were fictional, walking in “The Haunted Woods” or down “Lovers’ Lane” was a complete thrill.

Here’s me with one of the Anne’s the historic site hired this summer.

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